How to Reach Tavarnelle Val di Pesa:


Barberino Val d'Elsa is along the Cassia road, just between Florence and Siena. To reach it from Florence take the superhighway for Siena at the "Certosa" exit of the A1. After about 20 Km exit at  Tavarnelle and follow the signalization for Tavarnelle.
The picture below show you the map to reach Tavarnelle (by the blue arrow).


 Usually it is needed 50-60 minutes to arrive in Tavarnelle (C)  from Pisa (A), the distance is about 95 Km following my route. 

The Pisa airport (A) is very very closed at the highway to Florence (called FI-PI-LI because it is the conjunction for Florence, Pisa and Livorno). I can suggest you the shortest route that allow you to avoid to pass from Florence by exiting the highway at 2 exits after the Empoli town (B). To help you reading the map the numbers and letters indicated in the written text correspond to those in the map.

1) You take the highway (FI-PI-LI) in the direction to Florence. You have to pass "Empoli" than "Montelupo" and exit at "Ginestra Fiorentina", you have a first round about, go ahead until the second round about where you will take the road on the right, you have the panel to "Montespertoli"  You will have signalizations to "Baccaiano" and "Montespertoli". 

2) Then you will arrive in Baccaiano, a little village,   when you  reach  the village and have to stop at the cross turn right in the Montespertoli direction. Pay attention because after hundred meters  you will have to turn left at the first cross toward "Fornacette". 

3) You will reach another cross and you will turn right, pass the Fornacette village and climb the hill. 

4) You will reach another cross and you will turn left toward "Fiano" and "Tavarnelle". 

5) You will pass the Lucardo village and you will arrive near the Fiano Village, you will have to keep the left on the main road and not going into the Fiano village. Then you will reach the village of Marcialla,  the only you have to do is going staight ahead until you reach Tavarnelle.


From Siena take the superhighway to Florence, (to reach the highway from Siena follow the green signalization to "FIRENZE"). When you take the highway take to the FIRENZE direction. Once on the highway you have about 30 Km to go before reaching the San Donato exit on the map. You exit there and turn left following the signalization to Tavarnelle. 


You can fly to the Pisa international airport, that is 80 Km far from Florence. And then take the train to Florence, exchanging in Empoli and taking another to go in the Siena direction until Poggibonsi. There a bus will bring you to Barberino/Tavarnelle. I also can come to pick you at the train station in Poggibonsi. Arriving in Pisa you can come from Europe with a very low fares flight company, the 


From Pisa you can also rent a car. For more information visit the official web site of the Pisa international airport

The other airport is in the town of Florence, the Firenze Peretola airport. From there a bus service can bring you to the Florence bus station (SITA and TRA-IN station) and from there you can take a bus who will bring you in Tavarnelle/Barberino. When in Tavarnelle I can come to pick you and bring to the appartment.

Other airports are the Milano Malpensa, Roma Fiumicino, Bologna.


To reach Tavarnelle by train you can reach the rail train station in Florence (Firenze Santa Maria Novella -SMN-) or to the Poggibonsi train station. 

You can have all the informations you need on timetable schedules and fares of trains in Italy by visiting the official web site of the rail. You will also be  able to book tickets on line. You can arrive both to the Santa Maria Novella train station in Florence or the Poggibonsi train station. From there you can catch a bus. For timetables visit the web pages linked below.


From Florence you can reach Tavarnelle by taking a bus from the bus station that is very closed to the train station of Florence SMN (Santa Maria Novella train station).

By the SITA bus, just outside the rail station of Santa Maria Novella (SMN) in Florence, alternatively from the rail Station of Poggibonsi. There  are also bus called TRA-IN (they are bus and not train ...) by which you can reach Tavarnelle and Barberino from Florence or Siena or Poggibonsi and also visit San Gimignano and Volterra and other villages along the main roads of communication. Both SITA and TRA-IN bus departing from the same SITA bus station in Florence, just outside the train station.

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