A simple pages and pictures ensemble
to show you some of the unknow resources
of the gorgeous Chianti


Why we with these pages on the web ?
That we are here- that life exists and identity,
That the powerful play goes on, and we may contribute
a verse.

(Freely adapted from Whitman -O Me! O Life!)

The Tourism in the Chianti web site

This web site was born in 1997, after a month of study of what at the time was the Internet invention, in France at the I.N.S.A. of Lyon (Institute National des Science Appliquè). There I met John Berryl, who joined me in the project ,with the aim to build up a little web site mostly intended to present the Chianti countryside to friends on the web.  

The web site was the most simple way to collect pictures and writings about this region to share with others. Since that year the site have been constantly developped to better illustrate all it is worth to visit in this region, to provide all the knowledge of this region to enjoy the most secret parts of this hilly land.

The aim of this site is to provide the best and up to date guide to enjoy all the best of this region: places to see, places to eat and to stay. High quality and budget price for great vacation in the Chianti region.

An extract from the original presentation of the web site (dating 1997) still well applies to the aim of this web site when it was named "Living in The Chianti"

 "A point on the earth speaking to all and to nobody. This is the strange and unexpected travel between and out of the Chianti region with a new adventourous and unusual way to live the life and to look at the world around. A re-discovery of the old and natural way of life thanks to excursions between trees, flowers, medieval villages, farms, vineyards, lakes, hills, horses, sheeps, birds, monuments, sculptures, canvas, artigianal works, food, wine , meeting places, music, romance, fantasy, woods, roads, museums, Churches, lost villages, history, geography. A self discovery, quite a spiritual travel on the ground ...."

Hope you appreciate my effort in providing you this guide to the Chianti region. 

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