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Adventures and Excursions in the Chianti

This is a picture collections of visual impressions you can enjoy by visiting villages and the countryside sourrounding Barberino Val d'Elsa.

A walk in Barberino Val d'Elsa 

A middle aged village half way between Florence and Siena along the Roman Cassia Road. Two restaurant in the center of the village with exquisite food and a breathtaking terrace panorama where you can eat at dinner. For not to mention its gorgeous sourrounding countryside and little villages.

Some nice more than little villages surrounding Barberino Val d'Elsa 

Most of the fascinating aspect of the Chianti is all these very little group of country-man houses, once used by the "mezzadri" and now expensive residence for wealth people.

Vignamaggio and Lamole

These places are best known for the excellent wine but I can assure the panoramas and landscapes going there are excellent as well.

A walk in San Donato in Poggio

The middle aged village in the Chianti Classico area, where there is the Montecchio wine maker.

Discoverying Florence

A very useful map with the main artistic attraction of Florence and some explanation on them.

Siena main interesting point photo gallery

Some pictures on the main artistic pieces in Siena: the dome, Piazza del Campo and the sanctuary of Santa Caterina.

San Michele mountain natural park 

A natural park on a mountain 892 meters above sea level.

A walk in Castellina in Chianti

Another middle aged village of the league of the Chianti Classico Wine

A walk in Radda in Chianti

Classico wine and stone.

A walk in Gaiole in Chianti the historic village of the ancient League of Chianti

A walk in Greve in Chianti 

The biggest cave ever to taste all the best Chianti wine production in the village center.

A visit of the Meleto Castle

Visit the enoteque but also the inside of this villa/castle of the Ricasoli family. Headquarter of the Chianti Classico original league.

The Brolio Castle a property of the Ricasoli Baron also very well known for the prize winner for its Brolio wine

The Wine feast of Montespertoli

It start on the 30th of May. Many farms expose their wine and ... don't drink too much !

A day with Tony Blair

Quite emotioning to meet the United Kingdom Prime Miniser in this nice country.

A day at the lake

Why not to spent a day in a lake surrounded by a forest ?

An Ice Cream in the towered village of San Gimignano

Take your best ice cream in the Piazza della Cisterna in San Gimignano and climb on walk until you reach the 'Rocca'.

Certaldo Mercantia middleagedfestival

A middle aged feast in the middle aged village of Certaldo where Boccaccio lived and wrote his Decameron.

Linari nights

A romantic place, another middle aged village where to go with the girlfriend to kiss her while the sun goes down ....

The Lost Semifonte

What about a Town that loose the war against Florence in the XII siecle and was erased from the heart ? A lost town with us in the role of the Indiana Jones who try to find something of the fat and powerful concurrent of Florence. We lost that war and you have now Florence ... What if things would have been different ?


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