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Florence is a very touristy town, full of people all year around with no exceptions. You can have less people in November and February. In the summer the town is overcrowded by tourists and to have a visit of a museum can mean to spend a whole morning in line to visit the Ufizzi gallery even if you are so smart to book in advance. Than another bad consequence is that there are so many people that restaurants and other services, especially used by the tourists, for the only reason to be located in a busy place can benefit of having many people regardless of the good quality of the product or services offered. For that reason if you are not well guided you will be not able to eat well in the center of Florence or find typical and genuine products. On the other hand in my experience usually the tourist with no good knowledge of Italian food is not able to appreciate the difference between the very good Italian food and that of average quality. As a result if I go to a restaurant can find that the food was nothing special while the tourist can find everything very very good ...

Florence is very hot and sticky during the summer, especially in July and August that are the worst months to visit the town. It is not a coincidence that the smart Medici family and the richest families in the renaissance time  spent the summer in the countryside and in the Chianti. As a simple example take the Corsini family who has the well known "Corsini" palace in the Lungarno Corsini in Florence, they also have a palace in Barberino Val d'Elsa to spend the summer there.

Another bad point is the traffic and the pollution: the municipality is engaged in making a subway to let the town breathe but in the summer the hot effect combined with the smog can generate tossic substances (especially Ozone) who is especially dangerous for child and old people. In winter you will not have the Ozone but the high level of smog and dust caused by the traffic often results in the total stop of the traffic in Florence. 

Than you have to consider that all the historic center of Florence is "Blu zone" that means that the private traffic is not allowed from 8,30 in the morning until 19,30 in the afternoon. Than if you try to go by car near the historic center another problem is the lack of parking. You can of course park the car in one toll parking but that will results in a hourly cost of about 2 euro.



I would like to collect suggestions and recommendations from YOU in order to offer to other people the way to arrive here prepared and avoid bad surprises and enjoy only the best. The tourist will so be able to have true infromations to share with other. So every comment from YOU will be conveniently published in order to create a knowledge database to share useful informations with other to compare my vision of the things with that of the others. Go here and e-mail me !


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