Here are the different chapters of the audio Book of J.H. Plumb that present the Renaissance artistic mouvement that spread from Florence througout Italy and the entire world. The download of each chapter will require about 5 minutes on an ADSL connection so do not worry if it takes a little before you can hear the reader.

To directly save the mp3 file on your hard disk right click of the mouse on the chapter of your interest and than chose "save as" deciding the directory.

Chapter 01: The down of the renaissance

Chapter 02: The Prince and the State

Chapter 03: The Arts

Chapter 04: Florence Cradle of Humanism

Chapter 05: Milan city of Strife

Chapter 06: Rome Splendor and The Papacy

Chapter 07: Venice

Chapter 08: The Images of man

Chapter 09: Woman of the renaissance

Chapter 10: The Spread of the renaissance


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Who am I (Presentation)
The Chianti Region (Secret and famous treasure)
Excursions (My excursions on the land)
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