Hello, Welcome to my guestbook

Cheryl - 09/10/99 16:21:53
My Email:selltile@netcom.ca

I very rarely sign guest books but I loved this site. I am going to this area in Sept of 2000-I look forward to exploring it.

leon luyten - 04/27/99 22:02:09
My Email:leonboe@hotmail.com

Nice indeed! Congratulations : did you make this site all by your own? Next time i'll visit Toscane I know where I can find some practical information

Marty Osbonr - 03/24/99 20:25:34
My Email:osbor015@tc.umn.edu

Very nice -- keep up the good work

Blake Steele - 03/02/99 23:05:07
My URL:http://www.g-web.net/backrdtour
My Email:blakesteele@hotmail.com

Hello, I've very interested in Tuscany as I'm putting together unique small group explorations of the countryside to meet the people and really get the "feel" of this marvalous land. I would greatly appreciate any information you can share to help me get this ex iting work established. Ciao, and peace to you... Blake Steele

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