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Entry for December 23, 2007

Christmas Time,

A kind of austerity for these holidays. How does the Italian fete the Christmas and especially in the Chianti ? But of course eating !

To be togheter at Christas lunch eating from 12.00 until 5 pm with family and relatives is what we do. A rich meal that start with a boiled egg returned from the Christmas mess after being blessed in the main celebration (it can be the 24 december mess around midnight or the 11 am mess for the 25 itself).

Once upon a time (when I was a child so not so long time ago) the Churches had no heating inside so we celebrated at a temperature of about 10 degree celsius. In some particularly cold night (seldom we have snow) outside the Church somebody composed a fire where you could cook a pork sausage: in the end to not starve during the singed mess you should have something in the stomach and not die for the cold.

Usually even the people who never goes to the Church go to the Christmas mess. Churcher are overwelmed and priests can offer a nice show by the village Chorus who made reharsals from september to offer the best audio experience of the year.



2007-12-23 12:45:56 GMT
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