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A day with Tony Blair

That day me and my friend Pablo went to the summer holiday house of Tony Blair, in the Villa Cusona, just between San Gimignano and Tavarnelle. We were dreaming the meeting: shaking his hand and knowing his childrens, explaining him how we live here etc. etc. It was a Sunday afternoon we were going to San Gimignano and had the great idea to climb over the hill where Villa Cusona is to meet Tony Blair the Great Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
It seemed very easy: some words to his body guard and a fast hello to their boss. Well ... how to reach villa Cusona ?? This is a secret, but not for us. There is a road -a private road indeed- and nobody is allowed to go trough it but only Blair.
We were on a Wolksvagen Polo it was hot in a normal July day. "Our ice-cream can wait until we say hello to Tony" were my words to Pablo.
Well, we climbed over the hill, trough the forbidden road (a very small ones indeed), we arrived just in front of the gate of the Villa.
The first surprise was a car of the Italian Police and few seconds later four policeman and a police jeep running towards us.
No matter of speaking about our visit to the agent surprised we were there in a forbidden road. Tony was playing tennis. We had to come back to San Gimignano.
Very disappointed. Very sad. We needed some referential points to have the power to ask. And it was not sufficient I wanted to write about the meeting on my web pages.
Next year. If Tony Blair come back I will dare to ask to meet him ! Why not, my English is not so bad !!

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