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Something about Barberino

Barberino Val d'Elsa

The Florentine Chianti

Barberino Val d'Elsa is a middle aged village half way between Florence and Siena, along the Roman Cassia road. Once a time a strategic military base to separate the two powers of the Florentine League and the Senese one. During the siecles the village has no changed and you can still appreciate theoriginal architecture of a town of the middle aged time. It was also the native village of the poet Francesco da Barberino inspirer for Dante and many to follow. Now Barberino is a touristic attraction for the beauty of its church and the splendid panorama you can have from its walls. Many are then the characteristic beauty of the surroundings: especially little villages and more often castles and Villa. To give you a partial idea of what I'm speaking about here you have some pictures that better than words can describe you what I'm speaking about....

In the Picture: the Chatedral of Barberino Val d'Elsa


 Barberino VaI d'Elsa situated along the SS 2 (Cassia) or taking the Florence-Siena highway and exiting at Tavarnelle Val di Pesa. From here you reach Barberino Val D'Elsa, a town with an ancient medieval castle which can be best viewed passing along the town's main road, where Palazzo Barberini is also situated , and ending at Porta Romana.

Barberino Val d'Elsa a smiling middle aged village half way between Florence and Siena, along the Roman Cassia Road. In the pictures you can appreciate the Senese door of the village from the outside and from the inside.

Continuing along the Cassia towards Siena, we turn, leaving Barberino, for Certaldo, passing through Bagnano and in front of the octagonal-chaped chapel of San Michele, a work by Santi di Tito, built on the site where the ancient town of Semifonte was erected by the Alberti family and destroyed in the 13th century by Florence- once stood. The proportions of the dome, 1:8, resemble those of Brunelleschi's dome of the cathedral of Florence.

Before visiting this chapel turn left and take the road to the parish church of Sant'Appiano, a Romanesque and Proto-Romanesque building, in front of which the remains of an ancient baptistry still can be admired. From there continue for Linari, a suggestive agricultural town which still preserves its medieval origins. From this town you have a beautiful view of the valley and, from a distance, the towers of San Gimignano.





The typical countryside surrounding Barberino Val d'Elsa



Barberino Church particulars

The middle aged villages and coutryside surrounding Barberino Val d'Elsa


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